Is it chemical or physical?

We are amazed about how all the ingredients in our yummy stuff have both chemical and physical structures that enable them to serve their specific purposes. Read on to learn more:


Triglycerides are one part glycerol and three parts fatty acids. A chain of carbon atoms accompanied by hydrogen is called a fatty acid which is also called an organic acid. Fatty acids are known to connect and attach themselves to glycerin which is the foundation of a triglyceride. Sebum is composed of medium chain fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides and all people produce this sebum from the scalp and skin. The fatty acid from the triglyceride is released when good bacteria feeds on the glycerol or glycerin on the scalp and skin resulting to the production of free fatty acids. These free fatty acids are responsible in creating what seems like a protective anti-microbial layer that safeguards the scalp and skin from getting infections and all sorts of bad bacteria. Good bacteria makes it way on an average person’s scalp or skin most of the time and converts about 60% of oil in the scalp and skin into free fatty acids.

For cases wherein a person has very dry skin and is unable to produce enough sebum for scalp and skin protection, applying oil that is high in medium chain fatty acids will do the trick. We recommend using virgin coconut oil for it is made up of medium chain triglycerides which offers similar protection that free fatty acids can offer.

Organic Virgin Coconut OilPHYTOSTEROLS

Phytosterols are made up of plant sterols and stanols which aids in blocking cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract and our body systems. It is also a natural component that encourages new cell growth and formation which is beneficial in the anti-aging department. It has been found that it stimulates collagen production when applied topically while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Creamy Café Latte Coconut Berry Body Butter


Polyphenol is a compound derived from plants and beans like cocoa, coffee, grapes and olives known for its skincare benefits. It is known as an antiseptic to prevent bacterial growth in wounds and cuts. When added to hair products, it strengthens hair strands to avoid damage and breakage. It also protects the collagen from sun damage which slows the aging process.


It has been found that hard water cuts down the life of plumbing, tiles, bath tub and other household appliances due to a very high mineral content like calcium and magnesium. It also causes a number of allergies and discomfort on sensitive skin. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to bath water neutralizes the hard calcium and substitutes the magnesium ions in the water for “soft” sodium ions. Sodium ions are good for the overall health of the skin.

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